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2020-2021 FSAE Internal Combustion Engine Race Car Public

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The 2020-2021 Internal Combustion Engine FSAE team worked to finish the design, manufacturing and assembly of the 2019 racecar. This project represents a continuation of the 2019-20 car left incomplete due to covid. Our team redesigned the suspension architecture, braking system, drivetrain mounting, exhaust system, and aerodynamic body work. The suspension architecture was revised to allow for more adjustability. The braking system redesign included changes to rotor thicknesses, allowing for better thermal performance and ease of assembly. The drivetrain mounting solutions were redesigned to dampen vibration and allow for alignment of the differential. The exhaust system was improved by removing unnecessary weight and complication. In the future MQP students working on this project can assemble the parts we’ve redesigned into a fully functioning race car in preparation for the competition next year.

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