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Design of a Low-Cost Sustainable Energy Storage System Through Utilization of Compressed Air Public

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In a world becoming progressively more dependent on electricity, it is increasingly difficult to build low-cost green energy systems that can match this need. Atlas Prime NRG has set out to solve this problem with the Compressed Air Renewable Integrated Energy System (CARIES) which strives to produce reliable low-cost green energy for remote parts of the world by using compressed air for long-term energy storage. The goal of this project was to design, model, and spec an air compressor that would be used in CARIES to intake air at atmospheric conditions and compress it to 3,000 psig. ANSYS simulations were used to guarantee structural integrity. The final design plans, CAD models, and specifications were delivered to Atlas Prime NRG.

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  • E-project-051220-234829
  • 2020
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