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WorderFall is a single player educational spelling game designed for children in the 3rd to 9th grade levels in order to test their mental acuity of managing multiple words. Racing the clock, the player advances through the game as they answer the questions accurately. Each level progressively gets harder by adding more wrong possible answers. There is nothing wrong with having a game that tests people’s mental acuity and improves it. This is a game that requires players to outpace the timer. Since the questions get harder as you score points, we ensure that players can find replay value in pursuing the highest scores possible. WorderFall is available online now at this site: It requires the use of Javascript and uses a game engine library known as perlenspiel to represent the game logic. In this report, I discuss how WorderFall represents all the core elements of an “educational game”, the benefits that it offers to students, and the ways that the gameplay departs from traditional educational games and how it makes WorderFall more accessible. Then there will be a segment explaining the algorithms that were used to generate gamelogic, followed by a segment with screenshots and figures. At the end, I will talk about the feedback I’ve gotten from players with dyslexia and whether or not we found the game to be helpful.

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