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Seeing is Believing; Creating a Database and Strategic Media Plan for Femmes et Diversité

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In this paper, we discuss the need for and actions taken to analyze and improve the association of Femmes et Diversité. Through the creation of a comprehensive database, we have provided a readily available resource with embedded maintenance tactics that showcases important areas of research that relate to the potential growth of Femmes et Diversité. This includes data regarding general information, project callings, potential clients, prescripteurs, and events. The modifiable and reusable marketing pitch template that we created provides Femmes et Diversité with a reference to structure and organize a concise and direct outreach to new clientele. Analyses of relevant websites, YouTube Channels, and Instagram accounts, exemplify the changes needed to enhance the web and social media presence Femmes et Diversité currently occupies. Based on these analyses, the provided next steps supply Femmes et Diversité with a timeline of specific actions that have a direct impact on the growth of the association. These next steps include the creation of a Femmes et Diversité website, modification and maintenance of the Femmes et Diversité social media, and the assembly of supplemental offered video projects.

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