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Factory Reset is a 3D, first-person, puzzle game set in a Sovietpunk world. Four WPI seniors from the IMGD and CS departments created Factory Reset over the course of one academic year. The project incorporated digital art, programming, and accessibility-oriented design to create an immersive video game. The team developed the game using feedback from three rounds of playtesting to inform changes to the game’s design. The team evaluated how well they met their goals through playtesting feedback. Through the project, the team demonstrated their skills with development tools and created a game that was well received by playtesters. The final game features an accessible overall design and offers 14 different types of accessibility features that make it playable by a wide range of people.

  • This report represents the work of one or more WPI undergraduate students submitted to the faculty as evidence of completion of a degree requirement. WPI routinely publishes these reports on its website without editorial or peer review.
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