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Atmospheric Water Collection with a Preliminary EHD Mechanism


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Nearly half of the world’s population experiences water scarcity, and this number is projected to grow in coming years due to population growth and global warming. To combat this issue, the EHD VCC MQP team designed and constructed a tabletop vapor compression cycle (VCC) capable of collecting water from humid air. The system was simulated, designed, and fabricated to emulate a greenhouse-style environment due to the large amount of humid air expelled by these buildings that could be used as a source of potable water for populations affected by water scarcity. This VCC demonstrated the ability to produce a considerable amount of water. In addition, through the novel process of applying electrohydrodynamics (EHD) at the system level, the team explored the feasibility of improving a VCC’s coefficient of performance. The system built in this MQP will serve as a basis for future EHD experimentation on a system level.

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