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Design of an Improved Shoulder Brace Public

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Shoulder injuries make up 12-14% of total football injuries, yet many players decline wearing braces. Shoulder braces available for football players attempt to reduce injuries and enable faster return to play after shoulder injury, but are limited by critical factors. Our team modelled and manufactured a shoulder brace that limits vulnerable ranges of motion by 10-25 degrees, provides 32N of compression to increase dislocation force, absorbs impact force to the deltoid, and is constructed from a perforated neoprene material to maximize breathability. Custom force sensors detected impact, were inaccurate on curved, soft surfaces, but measured at low forces. Impact forces felt by the dummy were measured with custom written Arduino code and an accelerometer with a sampling rate of 1.3 kHz.

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  • E-project-040720-192116
  • 2020
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  • 2020-04-07
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