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Improving Large Scale Culture of Anchorage Dependent Cells Public

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Chronic diseases are a prevalent and expensive health conditions in the US, with 133 million people suffering from a chronic disease. Tissue engineering, particularly mesenchymal stem cell(MSC) approaches, show great potential in meeting the need for treatments. There is a need for an improved scaffold to promote proliferation of adherent cells within bioreactors. This project aims to solve this gap in technology by constructing a 3-D scaffold of a novel material that would solve production issues of MSC’s. A literature review found materials that were nontoxic, flexible, and allowed cellular adhesion. Experiments quantified cell seeding and proliferation on varying materials to select a material for final design. A multilayer scaffold of stainless steel mesh was selected for final design.

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  • E-project-051320-133045
  • 2020
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  • 2020-05-13
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