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Supporting Users of the Wearable Learning Cloud Platform through Improved Usability Public

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The Wearable Learning Cloud Platform (WLCP) is a web-based software for creating and playing multiplayer games as finite state machines. This project’s goal was to assess how to better support the users of the WLCP by conducting two studies, asking participants to complete surveys about their experiences, and making programmatic changes to the software addressing feedback received. The analysis from this survey data showed that the program ranks below average in terms of usability and seemed confusing to many participants. To address these results, WLCP developers should implement changes to address the concerns of the study participants, add a more robust tutorial system to address more nuanced functionality, and continue to reassess usability to monitor progress.

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  • E-project-120919-145324
  • 2019
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  • 2019-12-09
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