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Experiences of Undergraduate Robotics Engineering Students with Rest and Work-Life Balance in Academics

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In pursuit of understanding the experiences of Robotics Engineering (RBE) majors at a private STEM institution, our study aimed to explore what are these students’ experiences with rest and work-life balance when taking part in the program, what aspects of these courses have improved their ability to balance work and rest, and what perspectives are there on changes that can be made in the future to help students manage work-life balance. Two focus groups were run with students from the RBE program at a private STEM institution, consisting of seniors and sophomores respectively, with a moderator guiding discussion on these topics. The following themes were found in discussion to interact with these experiences: Division of Task Appraisal; Social Dynamics and Perceptions; Fluctuating and Challenging Curriculum; Variations in Support; and Before and Beyond the Degree. To enhance student experiences with rest and work-life balance while part of this program, we discuss where these themes had negative impacts on these experiences, and where positive experiences can serve as an example to model from in the future.

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