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CAN SLIM Method V.s Robo Advising Stock Market Simulation Public

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A real-time stock market simulation was performed using two trading strategies, Robo Advisors, and the CAN SLIM Method. Real matrices were used in the simulation. Use of metrics enables the researcher in future financial ventures by providing him with the knowledge and skillset to trade confidently. Each strategy started with $100,000 investment in its portfolio. The CAN SLIM Method had a $19,011.51 portfolio gain, with trade swings up to 17% weekly. While the Robo-Advisor had a $3,587.60 portfolio gain with swings up to 3% weekly. The results of the simulation showed that the CAN SLIM Method had a greater financial gain through large swings during the six-week period. The Robo-Advisors show minimal gain and smaller swings, indicating potential for sustainable long-term growth.

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  • 2019
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