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High Altitude Weather Balloon Launch for Measuring Environmental Pollution Public

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The rise in environmental pollution has rapidly increased in the past century, causing a wide range of issues including harmful impact on human health, climate change, socio-economic impacts, etc. That is why it is important that we continually monitor and collect data on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and take timely measures to reduce these negative impacts. To better understand GHG emissions at different atmospheric levels, we launched a relatively low-cost weather balloon equipped with atmospheric sensors and other electronics into the stratosphere, reaching heights of 70,000 ft and more. Our project recorded the concentration levels of GHGs and captured near-space imagery data. The payload was retrieved safely after the complete duration of the flight using the SPOT Gen 3. Our team launched a total of 2 weather balloons. However, we did not meet our criteria, but a solid foundation was established for future iterations.

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