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In the fall semester of 2021, I joined Greg Chandonnet's technology and engineering classroom at Wachusett Regional High School (WRHS). This started my 14-week long student teaching journey in pursuit of obtaining my Massachusetts's Initial Teaching License for Technology/Engineering. What I initially thought would be a typical in-person student teaching experience quickly became an atypical one as the COVID19 epidemic forced schools to lockdown, and continue classes virtually. My student teaching experience became a collaborative problem-solving effort between myself and my mentor teacher, working together to develop and deliver the best virtual teaching methods of our ability. I got to use the skills I learned in the classroom and apply them in real life, constantly iterating on my techniques and pedagogy, refining my skills as a teacher. I followed the Massachusetts Department of Secondary Education's (DESE)'s Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP) program which tracked my competency in the seven essential elements of CAP: Subject Matter Knowledge, Well-Structured Units and Lessons, Adjustments to Practice, Meeting Diverse Needs, Safe Learning Environment, High Expectations, Reflective Practice. in order to be deemed “ready to teach”, I had to show at least proficiency in all seven elements by the end of the 14 week period. The e-portfolio linked below documents each step of my journey leading to my successful completion of DESE’s CAP program

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