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Exploring Processes for Individuals with I/DD to Report Abuse


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Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) suffer from abuse more often than neurotypical people, yet they report this abuse less often. Currently, individuals with I/DD typically report abuse through an over-the-phone method, but alternative methods could be used to make reporting more accessible to those individuals. This interdisciplinary project examined the phone-call based reporting process for individuals with I/DD to report abuse. We conducted a survey with nineteen specialists on the current intake process, asking questions to identify what information is necessary to make a report actionable. The purpose of the survey was to determine if an application could increase reporting by individuals with I/DD, and if so what specific information is critical to include in the application. Our participants agreed an application would make the reporting process more accessible to individuals with I/DD. Results also show injury description, incident description, nature of the allegation, and age of the alleged victim are the most important pieces of information on the intake report. Overall, an alternate reporting tool may increase accessibility for individuals with I/DD, however the most crucial pieces of information need to be included in an application in order for reporting to be effective.

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