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From January to May 2022, I performed a student teaching practicum to pursue a Massachusetts teaching license in Technology and Engineering through WPI’s Teacher Preparation Program. During this timeframe, I spent time from January through March at my first student teaching placement, Clinton Senior High School, and March to May was spent at my second and primary student teaching placement, Doherty Memorial High School. I taught robotics to five classes before transferring out of Clinton. At Doherty, I taught three different content areas over five classes: Two classes in Digital Electronics (DE), one class in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), and two classes in Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA). The content and material for these courses were provided by Project Lead the Way (PLTW), making it my job to administer the materials, and guide the learning experience. My E-Portfolio contains evidence of my work to meet proficiency in the Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP), alongside all other information relevant to my student teaching practicum. Samples of student work and all potentially identifying information of the students that I taught were removed from the published site before submission.

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