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Air Pollution in China: Is the United States Responsible?


In the last two decades, an economic boom in China has occurred due to the rapid export-driven industrialization within the country. This growth in coal-powered manufacturing has in turn caused a rise in air-borne pollutants and has negatively affected the environment as well as the health of those within the country and in the surrounding nations. The United States has a responsibility to help reduce the amount of emissions produced in China because of the negative affects these pollutants are causing. Moreover, a large amount of the manufacturing occurring in China has come about as a result of American outsourcing of manufacturing to the country. Thus, the only way to bring about a positive change and curtail the rising amounts of harmful chemicals such as CO2 , SO2, NOx and particulate matter is for the United States to aid China to implement joint measures of pollution prevention and control. Funding and encouragement from the United States to work together with China will result in more successful policy that both countries can comply with, rather than world wide treaties which have been fruitless in the past.

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