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Design of a Molding System to Recapitulate Skeletal Muscle Fiber Public

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Many current systems for the development of myofibers involve the presence of a scaffold, which can be a physical barrier to cell proliferation and cause incongruities in the myofiber. We developed a molding system into which myogenic cells can be seeded to form a myofiber without the need for a scaffold. A "dog-bone" shaped molding system with a seeding channel and incorporated anchor posts was found to result in tissue formation one day after seeding. Characterization of C2C12 cells showed that differentiation occurs at Day 4 post-induction of differentiation and myosin staining of C2C12 cells confirmed maturation of resulting myofibers. Further studies should focus on improved manufacture of the mold to enhance the long-term stability of the myofiber.

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  • 2011
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