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Assessing differentiation potential of C2C12 myoblastic cells on hydrogels, and development of stimulation device to induce contraction on regular and micropatterned C2C12 cells Public

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We examined the differentiation characteristics of C2C12 mouse myoblasts on polyacrylamide hydrogels of varying stiffness’ in comparison to widely used polystyrene tissue culture plates. The benchmarks we used included formation of myotube fibers, BrdU incorporation, myosin heavy chain expression, and fiber contraction. As a method of observing fiber contraction, we designed, built, and used an electrical stimulation device which allowed us to run a current through the cells after they had differentiated while viewing and recording the cells in real time. The data suggest that cells grown on hydrogels proliferate less but differentiate more similar to those in vivo.

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  • E-project-042612-112633
  • 2012
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  • 2012-04-26
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