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As the effects of climate change and greenhouse gases become more severe, steps must be taken to mitigate and reverse these effects. Biochar is a material made from processing organic waste that can prevent greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. The goal of this project was to assist Beyond Zero Emissions in Melbourne, Victoria and local researcher Aimee Mehan to develop potential strategies for establishing biochar production facilities in the Hunter Valley Region of Australia. The project team investigated case studies and other publications on the requirements for biochar production and the potential benefits of biochar, as well as the ability for those needs to be met in the Hunter Valley. We then conducted interviews with local stakeholders and a survey of Hunter residents. Finally, we completed a life cycle assessment to analyze the environmental impact of the biochar production process. We discovered community support for biochar among those who responded to our survey, as well as from the local experts and government officials we interviewed. We also found promise in the positive environmental impacts of biochar through our life cycle assessment. Overall, our findings suggest that there is support and potential for a biochar project in the Hunter Valley Region.

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