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Market First, Make it Later: Utilizing Social Media for the Independent Musician

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With the ever-growing usage of social media, it’s becoming increasingly harder for new music artists to gain enough popularity to break through the oversaturated market. There has been a shift in the relationships between artists and their artists in light of social media becoming more and more mainstream, and many have used the new technological tools available as a catalyst to bolster their careers in the music industry. Over the course of this project, we will conduct research and experimentation to assess the current state of the music industry and how these artists can best take advantage of it. Research will include case studies on select artists that exemplify different outcomes of utilizing social media, and experimentation will include testing certain content posting strategies to gauge what is useful and what is not. By analyzing the trends associated with this and conducting research ourselves, our goal is to create a comprehensive guide of best practices for taking advantage of the organic reach that community platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and others provide.

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