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Market Analysis and Strategies of Airborne Drones (UAVs)

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This study was conducted in order to provide our sponsor company, RobSense, with business recommendations for whether they should expand into the United States as well as if they should pursue a total solution drones-as-a-service (DaaS) business model, or if they should become a niche player in the market and offer hardware products only. To this end, the Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) was conducted over two terms. During the first term, we researched news articles and economic reports in order to understand the demand for drones within the current economy. We made note of related documents such as drone flight regulations that provided more information concerning modern applications of drone technology. During the second term, we interviewed organizations within industries related to drone technology and performed secondary research to gain a deeper knowledge of the overall drone industry. Our results indicate a rising demand for drone services as advancements in engineering have opened the door to myriad applications of drone technology. However, difficulties in acquiring and maintaining drone technology, a lack of knowledge of operating drones, and several other factors, lead us to believe that there is indeed a strong market for not only selling drone hardware but also providing total drone service solutions.

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