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Effects of Erythrocyte Aggregation on Blood Rheology in Regard to Future Sepsis Diagnosis Application Public

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Sepsis is a condition resulting from the overreaction of the body to an infectious agent and results in millions of deaths worldwide each year. Sepsis has a very short infection-to-mortality time and can be hard to detect and treat before related afflictions become permanent. A device that could quickly and effectively diagnose sepsis could be incredibly beneficial to ensuring proper treatment is given to septic patients. Furthermore, providing alternative methods of testing than the currently used standard would allow for additional in-depth analysis and the possibility of increased diagnostic success. This paper works to therefore describe the design of a prototype, the included tests, and the reason for use in regard to future septic diagnosis.

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  • E-project-051720-142103
  • 2020
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  • 2020-05-17
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