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The Labs for Education & Application Prototypes (LEAP) Network established itself in Massachusetts as a working relationship between a Manufacturing USA Institute AIM Photonics, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the LEAPs branches. LEAP @ Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)/Quinsigamond Community College (QCC) is a central Commonwealth facility for the field of photonics and its industry, which strengthened Massachusetts’s technical workforces and supplemented the state’s integrated photonics research and development initiatives. The research conducted by Shay Mitton throughout this MQP at LEAP@WPI/QCC revolves around the principle that the classified partner company’s photonic integrated circuit required testing and characterizing on AIM Photonics’s integrated components under current telecommunication industrial standards. To gain an understanding of how the relationship between federal, state, and public and private higher education institutions in Massachusetts originally established and progressed to the modern day, an in-depth overview since the nineteenth century is presented. Land-grant universities initiated the economic intertwinement of federal, state, and corporate industrial activities, but this relationship, backed by nationwide grants allotted to industrial parties nationwide, linked networks of business epicenters along roadways. Gradually, a network of photonics-related businesses congregated in Massachusetts, and established themselves as components of the high-tech state. The research, data, and results collected over the 2023 summer semester at LEAP@WPI by Shay Mitton is intended for future distribution and utilization by LEAP’s partnered research and corporate facilities.

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