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This project is a six-week stock market simulation with a comparative analysis of trading methods and a research report on the inner workings of the stock market. The goal of the simulation is to run two different simulations with different trading methods for comparisons. The first trading strategy was the Buy and Hold strategy where an initial investment was made, and no further trading was done. The second trading method was the Swing Trading method where utilizing market indicators was necessary to determine when to buy or sell stock shares. Each simulation began with a theoretical $100,000 to invest in five companies. Each of the five companies were invested evenly with approximately $20,000. The returns for the strategies were similar: 2.7% profit for the Buy and Hold strategy and 2.9% profit for the Swing Trading method. This proved that technically the Swing Trading method was more successful than the Buy and Hold strategy. This project not only had a comparative analysis but gave participants valuable experiences for future investments in the stock market.

  • This report represents the work of one or more WPI undergraduate students submitted to the faculty as evidence of completion of a degree requirement. WPI routinely publishes these reports on its website without editorial or peer review.
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