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Currently the United States receives less than 7% of its power from renewable hydroelectric sources. In an effort to increase this percentage, we investigate the untapped potential of ocean tidal power. Tidal power is an enormous source of renewable energy, having the capacity to server as both an abundant and relatively inexpensive source for electricity generation that could forever alter and improve the way in which the US continues to subsist and develop. The potential energy held by tidal power has been so far ignored as a reliable energy process, and is only now in the earliest stages of being utilized. However, due to current research and development, several processes for effectively harnessing tidal power have given the process enough of a competitive edge both economically and in terms of reliability that real, fully functioning projects are now beginning. Many coastal areas would in one way or another benefit from the implementation of tidal power, as it is both a perpetual and predictable source of clean energy. If enough interest and financial backing for further tidal power research continues to remain strong, then the US may after all find a long term solution to the growing issue of sustainable development.

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