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Assessing the Future of Cargo and Urban Mobility in Venice

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This project investigated the current cargo transportation system in the historical city of Venice, along with some of the possibilities for improvements. I analyzed the current cargo transportation, including the typical package delivery process in the city. Also, I presented some of the city's common problems due to the inefficiencies with the current transportation system. Finally, I proposed an underground subway system to travel around the historical city and other popular destinations in the lagoon such as Lido, Murano, the Marco Polo airport, and San Guiliano on the mainland. The proposal was presented to be developed into three different phases. I calculated the estimated travel time between each location and proposed a design for the infrastructure of the new station with two pedestrian connections. Finally, I provided the cost of the tunnel construction using two different methods: The Boring Machine Method and The Immersed Tunnel Method. Based on the research, the less expensive method is the Immersed Tunnel for approximately €7.5 billion. Further research should assess the tons of cargo the train could transport along with the passengers.

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