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Front cover of WPI Journal featuring WPI President Grace Wang, Spring 2023

The University Publications collections includes campus newspapers, alumni magazines, institutional histories, and other publications produced by Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) from its founding to the present. The campus newspapers include: The WTI (1885-1887), The WPI (1887-1896), Tech News (1909-1973 and 2001-2007), WPI Newspeak (1973-1992), Newspeak (1992-2000), and The Towers (2007-2012).

Yearbooks were published annually by a class or later by a student committee. The earliest yearbook, The Antenna, was published by the Class of 1876 in 1875. Various titles for yearbooks followed including: The Classes of Seventy-Six and Seventy-Seven, History, Tech Pilgrim’s Progress, The Log, The Aftermath, and Class Book. The yearbook was officially titled The Peddler in 1928 and has held that title ever since. There are several gaps in the collection as follows: 1878-1879, 1881, 1883-1887, 1889.

Other special publications, including course catalogs, WPI commissioned histories, the Tech Bibles, and additional newsletters, journals, and special issues are also available by contacting WPI Archives & Special Collections.

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